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It is with pride that we source and curate a unique selection of women and minority owned wellness brands.


Beija-Flor Naturals

Designed in San Francisco, CA

In 2009, Beija-Flor Naturals founder, Stevonne Ratliff suffered from hypo and hyper pigmentation and a number of skin sensitivities. At this time, there were very few natural skincare solutions, especially those that catered to women of color, so she began crafting her own products using amazing healing botanicals that were at the time only found in South America. Ratliff soon incorporated hair products that are unique and nourishing to kinky, coily, dry, and color treated hair.


Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Designed in Tampa, FL

Blue Sage Eco Boutique creates wellness candles and products for sacred moments. Each candle is made with natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, essential oils and love. Blue Sage is most known for their crystal infused Intention Candle and Chakra Candle Collections.


Buff Experts

Designed in Edmonton, Alberta

Ever notice that face skin gets all the attention? Buff Experts is a juicy, bold and plant-powered collection of body care products. Our products are crafted to pamper and protect all our gorgeous nooks and crannies that require tender care. The focus is on high-quality, plant-powered ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and protect from tip-to-toe. Our products feel good, smell good, and make you look oh-soo good.

Sina Zere is the founder of Buff Experts. She's a Habesha woman who loves beauty, books, and cake and discovered she's really good at creating the former and even better at inhaling the latter two.

A note about our intimate care products: this collection is near and dear to Sina's heart. She suffered terribly from gynecological issues as a very young woman and through education and natural products was finally able to reclaim her intimate health. V-care is important because frankly, our lady bits deserve TLC. Sina envision a new generation of women who are educated on and empowered to properly take care of their lady gardens. We’re at the beginning of a revolution in our personal wellness and she hopes you’ll join her in helping women everywhere access great care for down there.



Designed in Atlanta, GA

FEMME NOIRE makes plant powered natural hair and body products infused with chocolate that help women with kinky hair fall in love with their curls. After being ridiculed for losing her hair and her confidence founder Nadja Renise began mixing ingredients in her kitchen as an outlet. Her passion developed into a collection of beauty products created to make women with kinky curly hair look and feel beautiful inside and out. While most products targeted at women with kinky curly hair are linked with cancer causing ingredients we honor the health of our clients. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise health for beauty. That’s why we handpick every ingredient that goes in our products then bottle up the power of Mother Nature to create vegan, sulfate and paraben free products. As always they are handcrafted in small batches with love and a touch of sensuality. We reserve a portion of our profits to contribute to women’s empowerment charities. Connecting with women in deep meaningful ways is what we do. Making a positive impact in the lives of others and giving back to women in need is what we do, together.


Flora Lee Naturals

Designed in Cincinnati, OH

Flora Lee Naturals is a plant-based skincare brand born out of blackberry bushes and sunny days spent with founder Nia Baucke's gardening grandmother Flora Lee. Every product is hand-blended with care and inspired by garden grown ingredients. Flora Lee Naturals Founder, Nia Baucke, created the concept for Flora Lee after seeing a need for an affordable, natural skincare skincare brand that felt approachable and fun as opposed to pretentious. Flora Lee was inspired by a personal passion for a passion for skincare, and a desire to create a fun, inviting community. A communications professional turned natural skincare formulator, Nia is incredibly passionate about living a non-toxic lifestyle and creating a welcome brand for all.


ILERA Apothecary

Designed in Detroit, MI

ILERA Apothecary is an organic and vegan beauty tech company that caters to customers who want the highest quality ingredients for their skin without compromising the environment or their budget. Utilizing digital technology, we have created a highly interactive customer experience that includes in-person wellness events, informative blog posts, and curated pop-up shops. We are committed to making an impact on our customers, employees and local communities. This includes the women who handpick raw materials, our employees who manufacture products, and our customers who have found the solution to reviving their skin with ILERA Apothecary.


Nature Loves You Skincare

Designed in Dallas, TX

Nature Loves You Skincare is an ethical wellness brand that contributes to global reforestation with every purchase. When the founder, Nathan Townsie, couldn't find a non-toxic brand for all of his family’s needs, he created it. His family, like most families, has diverse needs, so he created a brand that focused on effective, natural ingredients that are safe for his family and the environment.

The company’s motivation is love. Love for self. Love for others. Love for nature. Because love given always comes back stronger. They want to help others seeking healthy, environmentally responsible products. And they hope you love their natural products. Because Nature Loves You! 


Sade Baron

Designed in Toronto, Ontario


Sade Baron is a mother-daughter team; they started this brand because they wanted care products that worked for body skin types. Clean, Natural, Cruelty-Free and high performance product! They create body focused care products that are handcrafted with superfood ingredients and rich in fatty acid omegas, nutrients and antioxidants that feed skin so it can work its natural magic. These are real skin powerhouses – they’re the foundation of healthy-looking skin cells, and the key elements in a natural skin care diet.


Yubi Beauty

Designed in Columbus, OH

Yubi is a brand on a mission to simplify beauty for busy people everywhere with simple to use, easy to clean, ultraportable cosmetic tools. The founder, Adiya Dixon Wiggins, international lawyer and mom of two, invented Yubi to make beauty less cumbersome and more natural, so dynamic people on the go would no longer have to sacrifice their beauty routines. A small business that values customer service and experience, they are delighted to be named one of TIME Magazine's Best Inventions in 2018 just a few months after their launch.